I'm Content
with my business

Many business owners say this, however when they realize small changes can create major improvements and even lead to early retirement...opinions can change.
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I want to grow
my business

Expanding? More clients? Additional services or products? Do you need a marketing strategy? Together, we can work on a plan to achieve you goals!
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I want to sell
my business

Whether your goal is to sell your business in the next 6 months or preparing for retirement 3-5 years, there are many considerations you need to be aware of. You can structure sales in so many ways. You need to take a minute and decide what you want that to look like for you in your individual situation.
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I need to work on my business
instead of in my business

As business owners, it is difficult to let others work in your business. We need to learn that if we allow others to do the business work, we can free up time for us to work on marketing strategy, growing the business and looking into our business to see what is working and what changes need to be made. We can look at things more objectively. It is amazing what perspective stepping out of your business gives you.
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I feel out of control
in some areas of my business

As business owners, we often feel out of control. It is often helpful to have consultant look at your business from a different perspective. Sometimes your processes or marketing strategy need to be tweaked a little to make your business hum.
Do your know your Numbers? We can work together to find out what is going on in your business by evaluating what is happening. Setting goals and working to achieve them will allow you to seize control in areas you feel out of control.
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I want to
reduce my expenses

In the Black Consulting helps business owners cut expenses, including working with your CPA on cutting taxes. We have a team with the experience to do a full 360 financial optimization.
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I want to
work less hours

Quote from every business owner who hasn't worked with In The Black Consulting! We show you how to optimize your marketing strategy, systems, and processes so you can work less and accomplish more!
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I need
better systems

Behind Every successful business are solid systems and processes. Consistency and quality are key in a good customer experience and scaling your business. We can help!
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Certified Value Builder Program

  • Exit Strategy Planning
  • Increase Profitability
  • Reducing Taxes Using Various Strategies
  • Insurance Evaluation & Optimization
  • Tax Advantage Retirement Planning
  • Business Credit Not Personal Credit Assistance
man pointing on business strategy certified value builder program
business benchmarking accounting services las vegas

Business Benchmarking

Financial Analysis for the businesses who want to grow 🙂

Bookkeeping Services

Ongoing or one-time options

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Reconciliation
  • Financial Statements
man hand using a calculator bookkeeping services las vegas
picture perfect credit balanced bookkeeping

Picture Perfect Credit

Fix your credit description

Business Training

  • 1099 Training
  • QuickBooks
man hand writing on a notebook business training accounting services las vegas

Want To Build Your Business's Value?

Sylvia Johnson

We have over 25 years experience working with various types of Companies, including Construction Businesses, Retail Businesses, Online Stores, Real Estate Professional, Real Estate Investors, Photography Studio, Law Firms, Medical Offices, Service Companies, Etc. We have completed many interesting projects over the years that have helped us stretch and grow in the Bookkeeping industry. Our varied experiences have shaped a business that caters to the specific needs of our clients. We love showing our clients some of the ways they can use their accounting software to get a better picture of what is happening in their business on a Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly basis. We take the time to explain what a business’s financial statements are telling the owner about their business.

Professional Sylvia Johnson professional bookkeeping services

Financial Health Is

Important For Your Business

Sylvia is very knowledgeable and so easy to work with. Her prompt, courteous service makes her my number one choice when it came to starting my own business.

Succeed in Math Tutoring

Professional and of the Highest ethical standards.

C. Scott

Sylvia is wonderful to work with. She has so much knowledge and patience. I have enjoyed working with her, and will continue to so. if accounting is not your field, she helps you to understand the process. I would highly recommend her.

John Doe


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