Earn your Certified Value Builder TM certification

Earn your Certified Value Builder TM certification and start generating predictable recurring revenue for your business. The Value Builder SystemTM is designed to provide advisors with a recurring revenue source. You’ll have access to a variety of marketing opportunities as a Certified Value Builder. You’ll also have access to Practice Builder, a free one-on-one training program that will help you kickstart the creation of your value-building practice.

I’m sure you can identify with this. You’ve had a prosperous career. You’ve collaborated with a variety of people and now know it’s time to give back to the business community because you have something to offer others that can help them excel in their careers and businesses. Many people know that after years of good and poor (difficult) business experience, they have learned many lessons that they can now share with other business owners (their clients) to help them avoid the same mistakes and achieve success more quickly, but how do you transform and become a business consultant? You should recall Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Consider how it relates to you and industry in general at this stage in your career. You are able to support and give back to others once you have experienced Self-Actualization: (as a Value Builder supplier, being a company coach)

Why Should You Take The Value Builder TM Exam?
Instead of being a generic business consultant who helhttps://intheblack.consulting/ps clients with this or that, use your expertise and knowledge to supplement a tried-and-true scheme. You will then become a certified Value Builder (VB) provider as a Profit and Growth Expert. Working with business owners, you’ll implement complex processes and procedures to boost sales and the company’s value.

To increase income and the value of your company, become certified in Value BuilderTM processes and procedures.
You can do the following with the VB designation:

Demonstrate that you have experience in business consulting and coaching.

Advance your career and eventually raise your wages/earnings, ensuring that you are compensated fairly.

Put a “VB” after your name to set yourself apart from other business consultants and coaches.

Boost your worth to your employer or clients

Practical, hands-on training in a variety of industries using video guidance that you can complete at your own speed (very flexible)

Professional Assistance (academic and practical) Now is the time to get certified in this rapidly growing discipline, which will enable you to confidently give back to the business community as a certified value builder. You’ll learn how to master the eight business drivers that ensure the most value.

Obtain the designation of Certified Value BuilderTM.

Virtual Education
Self-paced course with just 16 training sessions (8 hours) to complete.

You must also be enrolled in the Profit & Growth Expert (PGE) program as a prerequisite.
To become certified, you must enroll in SmartStart (RocketLaunch, and CoachMaster) directly with The Value Builder SystemTM in the future.
The Value Builder Pro License grants you access to the following features:

Marketing Resources for the Learning Center
Logos and graphic images for branding Related Videos for use on the internet and social media
Material Brochures Related Articles
Presentations on PowerPoint, etc.
The Lead Magnet Tools for Value Builders
Questionnaire for the Business Score
Predict whether you’ll be famous or wealthy.
White-labeled drip campaigns from The Nurture Cycle
Reports from the Value Builder evaluation
Scenario Planning Events (Online & Live) – internal training provided by Value Builder for accredited Value Builder Providers so they can confidently deliver timely and appropriate services.
Coached by a Value Builder (Each licensee will receive training from the Customer Success team and will be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager.)
Have a coach assigned to you for the next 12 months who will assist you as required.
Since the method is self-paced, you can learn whenever it is most convenient for you. You can complete a module in thirty minutes between meetings if you have time.

Learn how to sell in a consultative manner.

Obtain certification as a Value Builder supplier (VB)

– Online business appraisal and consultancy service that can be completed at your own pace

Included is the ability to become a Value Builder provider and use the (VB) designation once eligible.

Call now for more details on how to become a certified Value Builder and become a Profit and Growth Expert for Small Business Owners – 702-302-3424. When accredited as a Value Builder provider, become a licensed business coach by consulting and advising business owners as a Profit and Growth Expert. When you use the validated turnkey method of marketing to find business owners and providing coaching when you use the 12+ module (month) phase for your clients, this is a lucrative and fulfilling profession.