How The Value Builder System™ Can Be Incorporated into Your Business

“I expected it to be worth more.”

This is something that exit planners often learn from their clients. A client has spent years developing a company and is now considering an exit strategy. They hired someone to complete a valuation and began daydreaming about financial independence, but the valuation they got revealed that independence is a long way off. They need you now, whether they realize it or not.

You’re aware that The Value Builder SystemTM, an EPI partner, is a valuable tool for assisting your clients in identifying opportunities to increase the value of their business. As a Certified Value BuilderTM, you’ll assist clients in taking realistic steps toward financial independence while also growing your own company.

Learning Objectives: This course will teach you how to use a statistically validated program to double the value of your clients’ companies.
The Value Builder Engagement set-it-and-forget-it marketing tools consist of 12 modules that operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to cultivate your prospects.
For completely transparent client conversion, brand new engagement metrics have been created.
From preparation to in-house help, everything you need to know about being a Certified Value BuilderTM.

What is the Exit Solution Alliance Sequence, and what does it entail?

When advisors think from a siloed perspective, exit preparation fails. On the other hand, a single advisor cannot be an expert in every aspect of achieving rapid value growth and a successful exit strategy. Isn’t it true that a jack of all trades is a master of none? The Exit Solutions Partner Network will assist you with this. Every month, join the Exit Solutions Alliance Webinar Series to learn about the interworkings, procedures, and strategies of the exit planning ecosystem from advanced professionals, experts, and providers.

The Value Builder System is a statistically validated tool for increasing your company’s worth. We discovered that businesses with a Value Builder Score of 80 or higher offered deals that were 71 percent higher than the average company after evaluating over 30,000 businesses. We will assist you in and the valuation of your business by working side by side with your own Certified Value BuilderTM. The Value Builder SystemTM will help you significantly increase the value of your business, whether you want to sell it now for a premium or just know you might. for advisors’ technical seminars