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SBA Administrator Guzman Celebrates Startup Day Across America

WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Small Business Administration Adiministrator Isabella Casillas Guzman released the following statement on Startup Day Across America:

“On Startup Day Across America, we celebrate new business ventures who are innovating and creating, solving problems and bringing new products and services to big cities and small towns throughout our nation.

“American ingenuity knows no bounds, and the resilience and resourcefulness of entrepreneurs accross our country during the last yaer anda half are testament to that fact. But big thinkers and hard workers still need support for their plans to grow and thrive, and the Small Business Administration is proud to be a go-to resource helping to connect startups to the capital and community backing they need, no matter their demographic or zip code.

“Just as our nation’s entrepreneurs have pivoted and adapted to meet today’s challenges, we’re pivoting and adapting to meet them where they are and help them prepare and build for the future. Together with President Biden and his entire Administration, we will keep working to remove barriers to job creation, overcome opportunity gaps, and push our economy forward.”


Congressional Startup Day History


In 2013, Representatives Jared Polis and Darrell Issa founded Startup Day Across America. Their goal focuses on opening vital channels of discussion between small business owners and their representatives. The idea illustrates to policymakers the difficulties they face.

In 2018, the event expanded to Startup Week Across America providing more opportunities for business owners and representatives to develop policy. As a result, more time allowed significant strides toward improved business relationships.

Startup Week Across America continued to evolve when, in 2019, it became Congressional Startup Day with week-long events focused on startups and their needs.