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Why did I create this course?

I built this course to show small business what it means to own a small business and how their business is affected by accounting or lack of it. I have run across so many Business owners, who have no clue what they are doing in their business from an accounting perspective.  They fail to take write-offs, look at their Financial periodically, and usually have no clue if their business is profitable or not. They usually do not file a tax return in the first 2 years and then they feel dumb and fearful.  It is so gratifying to give these Business owners tools that will help them understand their business and the dynamics that make it profitable or not. 

What Will You Learn In 1099 Training?

You will leave this class with a better understanding of what being a small business owner entails.  You will understand the ramifications of being a small business owner and why it makes sense to have a bookkeeping system in place.

  • Determining if you are truly a subcontractor
  • Advantages of being Self-employed.
  • Disadvantages of being Self-employed.
  • Acceptable Write-offs
  • Self Employment Tax (What is it?)
  • Record Keeping
  • Keeping business and personal account separate
  • Business Mileage
  • Business office at home
  • Does it make sense to maximize your write-offs for your business or not?

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