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Didn't you start your business because you wanted the independence that comes with being your own boss?

It is for this reason that the majority of entrepreneurs become business owners. To be able to make more money when working with the clients and people you want, when and from wherever you want. Nonetheless, you feel stuck in your company because:

You know more about your industry than anyone else in your business.
Customers want to work with you directly because you are involved in the construction or development of what you offer.
You are the most effective salesperson in your business.

You will have more flexibility while increasing the value of your company with the Value Builder SystemTM.

The Value Builder SystemTM is a comprehensive but straightforward software for increasing the value of your business. Improve your Value Builder Score to get a quantifiable return on your time and effort, whether you want to sell fast or realize you’re building a valuable asset for the future.

Making your business more valuable than its competitors
When it comes time to sell, companies with a Value Builder Score of 80+ earn offers that are 71 percent higher than the average company, according to a study of over 40,000 businesses. Indeed, we’ve seen companies that are worth two or three times as much as a comparable company in their sector because they’ve designed their operations to attract acquirers.

Increase Profitability


Identifying and using the company's secret assets Your organization may have qualities that you haven't completely exploited yet. Attributes that will help the company achieve its full potential and raise its bottom line. Using our company evaluation approach, you'll learn which aspects of your company you can concentrate on in the short term to achieve the best long-term performance.

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Identifying the silent killers in the organization Blood pressure is checked by doctors because it is one of the safest ways to detect heart failure without doing an invasive and dangerous procedure. Similarly, The Value Builder Program assesses your current business and then provides you with validated step-by-step tools to maximize your company's worth and income.

Increasing the amount of time, money, and freedom you have is perhaps the most important reason of all is that the Value Builder System restores the one resource that most entrepreneurs lack: TIME.

No one wants to purchase a company if the valuation is solely based on the presence of the owner/entrepreneur. Every day, you must remove yourself from working “in the company” and completely assume the position of CEO.

This software will allow you to completely take control of a growing company. The Value Builder system will allow you to go to work every day or go on vacation for weeks or even months while still knowing what’s going on in the company and continuing to make money.


It's Time To Put Your Business First

How does it work?

The Value Builder System was created to serve as the foundation for a long-term coaching and consulting partnership. To get your Value Builder Score, you must first complete the Value Builder Questionnaire. Then you and one of our professional Value Builder Advisors will meet once a month to discuss your ongoing success in relation to the eight main value drivers. Each month, your counselor will give you a new exercise to complete. You will complete a new Questionnaire each year after that to chart your company's increasing valuation.

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